Holdem Lesson - A Simple Holdem Tournament Strategy

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This is a quick Holdem lesson on successful tournament strategy. Tournament strategy is different to cash game strategy. Find out more now.

Holdem Tournament Strategy Step 1 - Play Tight

The first step in this Holdem lesson is to play tight. At the very start of the tournament you should play tight aggressive. All throughout the tournament you want to be playing aggressive and during you are going to mix up what cards you are playing

At the start play tight. You want to get a good reputation as being a solid tight aggressive player. You'll be able to start to gauge how well this is going when less and less people play in a pot when you enter. Also you'll see at the showdowns that people are only taking you on with good cards too.

Holdem Tournament Strategy Step 2 - Steal Blinds

The next step in this Holdem lesson is to start steal blinds whenever you can. At the start when you were playing tight all the hands you weren't in you should have been watching everyone. You need to find out who is a blind defender and who is not.

Don't take on blind defenders! Target the people that aren't likely to protect their blind unless they have good cards (and are playing). You want to steal as many blinds as you can.

Holdem Tournament Strategy Step 3 - Loosen Up

The next step in this Holdem lesson is to loosen up. Don't take this the wrong way, you still need to play good poker! But you can progressively loosen up slowly so you are playing more hands.

Due to your reputation people should still be thinking you are playing pretty solid. Just be sure to not give it away by playing every hand or by taking a poor hand to the showdown. If you have to fold a poor hand so nobody can see! And try to make sure when you have a good hand you show everyone.

This is a reliable Holdem tournament strategy you can use as you wish. This quick Holdem lesson covered the basics of an easy to do Holdem tournament strategy.

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Holdem Lesson - A Simple Holdem Tournament Strategy

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This article was published on 2010/09/22